Laytime and Demurrage. John Schofield

Laytime and Demurrage

ISBN: 9781138892026 | 500 pages | 13 Mb

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Laytime and Demurrage John Schofield
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Early Bird Rate Register before 21 May 2016. LAYTIME AND DEMURRAGE RECENT CASES. Laytime and demurrage are fundamental to tramp shipping. Early Bird Rate Register before 30 January 2016. The event titled A Practical Understanding of Commercial Risks in Laytime and Demurrage starts on 30 Nov -1 15 Jun 2016 28 Jul 2016 ! In commercial shipping, laytime is the amount of time allowed (in hours or days) in a voyage charter for the loading and unloading of cargo. Laytime and Demurrage are perhaps the two most litigious aspects of chartering vessels and have been the subject of numerous disputes over the years. +65 6508 2401; Fundamentals of Laytime & Demurrage. Clause 5, Part II, ASBATANKVOY. Tanker Chartering, Laytime and Demurrage. If the laytime is exceeded, demurrage is incurred. The Laytime Definitions are available for incorporation into charter. The term "demurrage" /dɪˈmɜrɪdʒ/ originated in vessel chartering and referred to the period when the charterer remained in possession of the vessel after the period normally allowed to load and unload cargo (laytime). A comprehensive guide to the essential legal and practical aspects of tanker and dry cargo laytime and demurrage.

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